1) If you have trouble with your computer reset it first.

2) If you are having troubles getting online try to reset the DSL, Cable, and Wireless Router box. 

3) You think your computer might be or is infected with virus and spy-ware call the technician right way.

a) Also try to run your antivirus and anti spy-ware programs.

4) I will tell you on how to fix the computer if the internet does not work after removing virus and spy-ware.

i)    Click start

ii)      Control Panel

iii)  Internet Options

iv)   Connections

v)     LAN settings

vi)   Take the check mark out were it says proxy server

5)  If you cable internet and your wireless router does not work here is what you can do to fix it.

i)    Unplug both the cable box and wireless router. Let them power down all the way.

ii)       First plug up the cable box and let it get up and running and then plug up wireless router.

iii)  Now you should be able to get online now